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Five Things

I am grateful for…

  1. … time off from work that reminds me that I am not my job (and takes me far enough out of my routine that I forgot to post one of these on Monday).
  2. … time spent at the park with my family and my nice niece and her family.
  3. … a clean house.
  4. … girls who regularly astound me with how much they’re learning and the wonderful people that they’re becoming.
  5. … the scary realization that people at work put a lot of trust in me.

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…even the smartest kids still need to do their homework.—Jonah Lehrer in Don’t!

A lesson I’ve learned regrettably late in life. Happily, I might have learned it much later.

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Five Things

Today, I’m feeling grateful that…

  1. I’m not a sex slave. I wonder how much porn features sex slaves.
  2. I get to take a class this semester on linear systems theory.
  3. I have a loving family.
  4. I like the people that I work with.
  5. I have so much art so readily available to me.

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