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Dalai Lama Persecutes Worshipers of Shugden

It’s hard to get objective evidence about the Dalai Lama. To some he’s a god—never a good sign—known for teaching compassion, understanding, and peace. The facts seem to belie that public persona.

Al Jazeera and France 24 have reported on the conflict within the Tibetan community over the worship of the Buddhist deity Dorje Shugden. Many Shugden worshipers have ties with the People’s Republic of China.

In short, the Dalai Lama is primarily a political figure who—in the guise of a living god—has become religious persecutor.

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Can Atheists be Spiritual?

Can atheists be spiritual? I hope that after reading further you will be able to answer this apparently oxymoronic question with a comfortable “YES”.

The latest Humanist Symposium led me to a beautiful article answering the question can atheists be spiritual?. It expresses a lot of my own thoughts and feelings. It brightened my day.

I wish there was a better word for it, but the last year or so has been a time of increased spirituality and openness for me.

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