I regularly play Go (aka weiqi, igo, baduk, etc.). I usually play on DGS and Little Golem, but I keep meaning to try out the Las Vegas Go Club.

And other stuff.

Social Networking

I actively write on three blogs: Sense of Wonder, Green Oasis, and this blog. I do have a couple of blogs on Blogger, but that’s a different world. stores my bookmarks. I also use Read It Later. is my primary micro-blogging service. Openness turns me on. Twitter is more of a halfway house for my micro-blogging: tweets, dents, what have you.

I use Goodreads and Google Library on occasion. helps me to discover new music.

I get my flix on Netflix. I should start reviewing them, too.

I don’t spend much time on Facebook because I dislike walled gardens, but it’s great for rediscovering old friends. I have a LinkedIn profile, but I haven’t worked it much.

Google has a profile on me. I almost never share anything on Google Reader, but you can only hope.

May the denizens of Valhalla help you if you use my FriendFeed which amounts an all-of-the-above option.


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  2. I didn’t realize you had two blogs for [edit: PA]. The things you learn.

  3. One of them is kind of on the DL.

    Plus, I’ve tried very hard to keep the two worlds separate for now, so I’ve edited your comment to obscure the name of the project that shall not be named lest Google Alerts hears the call.