<![CDATA[Comments on: Five Things]]> Jonathan WordPress 2009-07-01T16:12:33Z 2009-07-01T16:12:33Z <![CDATA[Comment by: Lacey]]> I’m glad you think our house is clean. I just think it’s cleaner than it has been.

Plus, I like to hear that people put a lot of trust in you at work. I hope it’s dealing with work things and not just personal things, but this is your wife who would like you to get a higher paying position.

Just so you know I’m grateful for the lifestyle you provide for us and I hope you can find something that you enjoy and makes more money so we can have an even more secure future, but if not I can get rid of the baby clothes and give us some space!

I love you babe!

]]> 2009-07-02T09:27:03Z <![CDATA[Comment by: Jonathan]]> I love you, too. (You do realize that you took a vow of poverty when we got married, right?)