<![CDATA[Comments on: Oasis Mailbag: A Matter of Priorities]]> Jonathan WordPress 2008-06-23T08:56:10Z 2008-06-23T08:56:10Z <![CDATA[Comment by: Jonathan Blake]]> I wouldn’t be surprised if the LDS church had sent aid to Darfur, so that’s good. Yet the feeling I get from the church is “Send us your money and we’ll make sure—with God’s guidance—to use it wisely.” That’s all well and good (especially if you believe the claims of prophetic authority), but it fosters a distance from concern about world affairs. Not everyone will be affected this way, but when I was a believing member, I tended not to think about the suffering of the poor much because I knew the church would take care of it. There’s something good about taking personal action that helps me to feel greater concern for my brothers and sisters across the globe, more Christ-like as they say.

]]> 2008-06-24T09:37:12Z <![CDATA[Comment by: TAG]]> Jonathan – What do you know about the Danzigs? I read about them a bit on the Mormon Matters comments; I’d never heard of that case. Threatened with church disciple, resigns his membership because of a letter to the editor. And then the church wrote up a very specific press release about the case! Astounding.

]]> 2008-06-24T14:08:01Z <![CDATA[Comment by: Jonathan Blake]]> I learned about them on Equality Time where the Danzig’s account of the events was published. Kind of shocking. It’s not like he was preaching—God forbid—polygamy.

Those who feel that the church is wrong on its stance about same-sex marriage better keep their objections private if they value their membership. The LDS church is a no-free-speech zone.