<![CDATA[Comments on: A Tale of Two Polygamous Sects]]> Jonathan WordPress 2008-05-05T11:49:11Z 2008-05-05T11:49:11Z <![CDATA[Comment by: ERS]]> This is a point I have made over and over again, too. When discussing or writing about dishonor killings, some say, but there are problems in the West with rape, with abuse, with other dark behaviors. And I say, yes, but they are criminalized, denounced. There are resources for the victims. The laws don’t favor the perpetrators, nor are they celebrated as heroes. And, in addition to all these crimes–which seem to be an unfortunate condition of all of mankind, not just the West–in some countries, there are dishonor killings, FGM, and other heinous practices that seem to be endorsed by the culture.

There is no moral equivalency.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
“Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

]]> 2008-05-05T12:21:27Z <![CDATA[Comment by: Jonathan Blake]]> And that makes all the difference. Here such behavior is properly marginalized. I don’t agree with the unconstitutional tactics used against the FLDS, but I’m happy that the society I live in is interested in protecting the innocent and powerless. We’re leaving behind the brutality that characterized our evolutionary past.

Not so in Islamic countries. It seems that Islam (and parts of Judaism) have crystallized tribalism into an eternal religion. Christianity has left much of its brutal nature behind. Not so with Islam. We have marginalized the FLDS because of it’s lack of respect for individual rights. I see no commensurate marginalization of fundamentalist Islam in Islamic countries.

It may be decades or centuries before Islam evolves past its atavistic tendencies.