<![CDATA[Comments on: Change Blindness]]> Jonathan WordPress 2008-04-03T18:53:21Z 2008-04-03T18:53:21Z <![CDATA[Comment by: Lincoln Cannon]]> Joseph taught that God commands according to circumstance. Any Mormon who does not anticipate change is hardly Mormon.

]]> 2008-04-03T18:55:21Z <![CDATA[Comment by: Lincoln Cannon]]> By the way, I hope the description of the policy change for sealings is accurate, and would consider that an improvement.

]]> 2008-04-04T09:49:15Z <![CDATA[Comment by: Jonathan Blake]]> I hope so too.

]]> 2008-04-30T19:25:30Z <![CDATA[Comment by: Jason Richards]]> Jon, that would mean they’ve reinstated polyandry–do you have a reliable source on this rumor?

]]> 2008-05-01T08:21:50Z <![CDATA[Comment by: Jonathan Blake]]> No good source, just a couple of people mentioning that women they knew had been allowed to be sealed to more than one husband.