<![CDATA[Comments on: All Things Denote That There Is No God]]> Jonathan WordPress 2007-05-18T15:27:49Z 2007-05-18T15:27:49Z <![CDATA[Comment by: Jonathan Blake]]> Don’t ask how this became a tea party between me and two women, it just happened.

Ebon Musings has a great treatment of the problem of evil from an atheist perspective titled All Possible Worlds: The Problem of Evil.

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]]> 2010-01-19T13:55:29Z <![CDATA[Comment by: 1916 home]]> Interesting. Ive been perusing your blog site here. I grew up Catholic and have always had questions. The money issue was a big one for me. I would work my butt off, but have to give some to the church so they can build big buildings instead of helping the needy?

Recently, while talking to some Catholics about the Haitian quake, their plan was to pray for the victims. But on TV, I saw people genuinely interested in helping the victims. They would find a way to Haiti some how, some way. In my mind which would help those people more? Hands on help? Or praying from 6000 miles away?

Anyways, Ive experienced (outside of religion) spiritual beings. Ive communicated with them. They have communicated with me. There is absolutely no way some neurons firing off in my brain created the things I have seen and physically dealt with. This has led me elsewhere in my “quest” if you want to call it that. Not FOR religion, but a simple quest for truth. So, from my personal experiences I believe there is something more than this earth. Is there a God? I have no idea like the next person has no idea. Is there something more? My experiences have showed me there is something more. Is it on another planet? No idea. Is it in limbo? No idea. Is it in purgatory? No idea. Is it in the center of the earth? Absolutely… no idea. Someplace I once read a quote that went something like this… “We are spiritual beings having an earthly existence.” And I think that sums it up for me. Maybe “earth” is just a stopping point. A learning point. A rest stop. I think there is something more. Religions dont seem to want to go being the heaven or hell scenario. Its not in their best interest ($$$$). I dont think they know anyways.

]]> 2010-01-19T16:34:39Z <![CDATA[Comment by: Jonathan]]> Thanks for reading, 1916Home.

I agree that prayer without further action seems to be a hollow act that only serves to make us feel like we have made a difference without making a real sacrifice.

My question to you is how do you know that there “is absolutely no way some neurons firing off in my brain created the things I have seen and physically dealt with”? Your feeling of certainty about this could simply be another false impression created by your neurons. I read a really cool book about this, On Being Certain.

Even if you are convinced that your spiritual experiences represent a physical reality, I can’t take your personal experiences as evidence to support my own belief because I don’t have access to them to verify the details and propose alternate hypotheses. Unless you have corroborating evidence, that is.